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Carotene Creme
Accelerated Facial Tanning - Tingle Free
Multi-use Moisturizer, Wrinkle Reducer, and tingle free tanning emulsion.

Vitamin-rich dye-free complexion creme for tanners. Use during indoor tanning sessions on the face to enhance tanning production and protect moisture levels. Also use daily to maintain tan, moisturize and maintain complexion.
Facial Oil

Promote a Deeper Facial Tan.      
Also good for hard to tan areas.

JA Facial Oil is a waterless, concentrated accelerating oil containing Tingle, only for the tanner with an established base tan. Promotes a deeper, more natural tan for hard-to-tan areas like the face, feet and hands. Facial Oil's unique combination of botanicals and natural Vitamins B, E, and F improves tanning ability, minimizes the appearance of fine lines, and leaves skin moisturized.