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Mango Flambe

Tingle 5

Mango Flambe is now available in Tingle 5 and in a New 8 oz bottle.   Yield to the enticing essence of mango as you bask in the fiery intensity that is Mango Flambè. With an intense epidermal stimulator and our exclusive EuroVitamin Bronzing Complex, Mango Flambè is Cote d'Azur's scandalously hot tanning accelerator. The Mango Flambè experience begins upon application, lasting with hot intensity throughout the tanning session. The heat will subside as the day progresses, leaving your skin with a sensuous bronzed glow. The New Tingle Free version gives a beautifully bronzed sun-kissed glow that lasts all day!

Chocolait et framboises

Tingle 2

Chocolait et framboises is a Best Selling Bronzing Tingle 2 lotion. Indulge yourself with the sultry aromas of rich dark chocolate and tempting raspberry. Chocolait et Framboises exclusive EuroVitamin Bronzing Complex and a sinfully hot epidermal stimulator will satisfy your cravings for a decadently dark tanning experience.  For experienced tanners only, Tingle Factor 2.


Chocolait à l'orange


Exclusive EuroVitamins Bronzing Complex effectively enhances melanin production for dark, luminous tanning results. Select, natural botanical extracts deeply nourish and moisturize for exceptional skincare and healthier looking skin. Chocolait à l'orange is an irresistible tanning experience for a satisfying, sensuous tan. Suitable for any skin type at any stage of tanning.

Chocolait Truffle


This dual action tingle free bronzing action lotion has sultry aromas of dark chocolate and fresh mint ice cream coupled with the most advanced tanning ingredients for a sinfully dark and satisfying tan. Chocolait Truffle has a small percentage of self-tanner for long lasting color  and a dark instant bronzer to guarantee a sensuous dark tan.

Crème Brûlée


Deliciously Decadent Dark Tanning Emulsion.  Scented with luscious vanilla and caramel to delight the senses.  Crème Brûlée will satisfy even the most demanding tanner. John Abaté International's exclusive EuroVitamin Bronzing Complex speeds the production of tanning, imparting a solarium tan beyond expectation. Crème Brûlée is suitable for any skin type at any stage of indoor tanning.

Melon Frappé


Côte d'Azur's uniquely cooling and aromatic indoor tanning lotion. Exceptional ingredient blend with Tingle Factor 2 takes intermediate tanners to the next level of advanced tanning for deeper, darker tanning results. Select, natural vitamins, botanical extracts and Ultrasomes?a rare DNA restorative enzyme?provide superior tanning and skin care results leaving skin deeply moisturized, soft and younger looking. Alluring and soothing fragrance of Melon-Cucumber revitalizes as the cooling ingredients refresh and rejuvenate the senses for an especially satisfying tanning experience that soothes the mind, body and soul. Great introductory tingle product with cooling and Tingle Factor 2.

Citrōn Sorbet


Côte d'Azur's Citrōn Sorbet? is an enlightening blend with a zesty citrine twist to engage the senses and lift the spirit. Refreshing, synergistic formula cools the body and revitalizes the soul. This rich, aromatic lotion contains an exceptional ingredient blend to reveal beautiful, dark tanning results and leave skin softer, more alluring. Exclusive EuroVitamin Bronzing Complex? of select, natural vitamins, botanical extracts, Tyrosine, and Ultrasomes?a rare DNA restorative enzyme?provide superior tanning and skin care results. Vibrant, uplifting fragrance of Grapefruit invigorates as the cooling ingredients soothe to remedy the soul, mind and spirit. Tingle Free formula is suitable for all tanners.

Créme de Péche

Moisturizing Emulsion softens and nourishes skin, enveloping and awakening the senses with the fresh essence of Mediterranean Peach as this rich, easily absorbed formula revitalizes skin and helps shield against premature aging.