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Welcome to John Abaté International,  
Since 1982, John Abaté International has been manufacturing the finest skin care for tanners.  Our formulas use only the highest grade of pure natural vitamins and botanicals.  We believe in smart tanning and making products that focus on the 3 essentials of good skin care; hydration, nutrition and oxygenation.  We were one of the first to manufacturer indoor tanning lotions and are best known for introducing "Tingle" lotions. 

Company Description
Company Description

John Abate Internationals exclusive European formulas are made with ingredients that come from nature. Created with natural botanicals and pure vitamins that have been used over time and proven to be effective; John Abate International products promote healthy, youthful looking, beautifully bronzed skin. Formulated with a minimal amount of food grade preservatives, these products are never tested on animals.

John Abate International has catered to a target market of tanners for over 30 years with a wide selection of products meeting specific skin care needs. John Abate International products are sold exclusively to tanning salons worldwide. These products promote a deep, rich and longer lasting tan with continued exclusivity in tanning salons around the world.

John Abate International products are formulated to be the best skin care for tanners and promote hydration, nutrition, and oxygenation to stimulate the skin. Our dedication to the ingredients we use in our products will always be for the best quality and results. John Abate International will maintain an exclusive level of marketing and sales in developing the absolute best lotions in the indoor tanning industry. A passion to design products for this industry has provided a lucrative incentive to increase our product line and our loyalty to salon owners and their clients around the world. We dedicate our business and our success to our loyal salon owners and indoor tanning clients and will continue to manufacture our line with them as our first priority.

How a NYPD Detective and a Swedish Ballerina changed the indoor tanning world

            John Abaté International, the highly regarded and successful manufacturer of vitamin-rich, botanically based accelerating tanning and premium skincare products. John, a former New York City undercover detective, began his career in the tanning industry when in the mid-1980s, he opened his tanning salon, The Hawaiian Sun Center in Bardonia, New York. During this time he began retailing exceptional indoor tanning lotions which were formulated with innovative ingredients to effectively accelerate the tanning process. John exclusively marketed these tanning accelerators and quickly become a tanning lotion pioneer as the first to introduce “tingling” indoor tanning lotions in North America. Envisioning the potential for this new discovery, John began his own manufacturing operation to begin producing the highly successful tanning products. In short time, John Abaté created and lead a path to a new tanning lotion revolution with many competitors quickly following in his steps in producing their own tingling accelerators. But it remains that it is only with John Abaté International that customers enjoy The Original Tingle — The Natural Tingle.

            At JA we keep tight control of product quality and use only the most premium grade quality (and most effective) ingredients possible, yet keep prices competitive. John insists on using only the costliest natural vitamins and botanical extracts in order to maintain his high standard of effectiveness to obtain deep, rich tans and superior, essential skin care and appearance.