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Welcome to John Abaté International,  
For over 25 years, John Abaté International has been manufacturing the finest skin care for tanners.  Our formulas use only the highest grade of pure natural vitamins and botanicals.  We believe in smart tanning and making products that focus on the 3 essentials of good skin care; hydration, nutrition and oxygenation.  We were one of the first to manufacturer indoor tanning lotions and are best known for introducing "Tingle" lotions. 

Commitment to Quality

John Abaté International exclusive European formulas are made with ingredients that come from nature.  Created with all natural vitamins and botanicals. JA products promote deep rich tans and overall healthy youthful looking skin. JA chooses only the highest quality natural ingredients and oversees all aspects of production to maintain superior quality in every formula made. Committed to healthy skincare products and essentials that are of the highest quality.

Customer Guarantees:

- Products that deliver what we promise.
- Dedication to quality, skin care, customer care and service.
- The highest quality natural ingredients that are good for the skin.

Instant and long lasting Bronzer lotion that converts UV light to a Red Light spectrum for beneficial skincare.

Angel Fragrance promotes pheremones and is suitable for both men and women.


Size         MSRP

8 oz.        $ 66.00


    Abaté, LLC | PO BOX 72438 | SCOTTSDALE, AZ 85050 | 800-532-9035 | F: 866-479-1798 | info@johnabate.com